Tuesday, April 22, 2014

GA Position: Global Village Living-Learning Center

Position Announcement 2014-2015
Graduate Assistant (GA)
Global Village Living-Learning Center

The Global Village (GV) is a residential living-learning community located in Indiana University’s Northwest neighborhood and home to 120 academically focused students who share an interest in languages, culture, history, globalization, and world affairs.  Global Village students represent over 20 majors (Political Science, Economics, International Studies, Computer Science, Spanish, etc.) and speak over 20 languages.  The majority of Global Villagers will study abroad while attending Indiana University.

The Global Village GA will provide support to students planning co-curricular and extra-curricular events that meet the Global Village’s mission of being a multilingual, multinational, multicultural, multidisciplinary residence hall.  The graduate assistant would work closely with the three Global Village staff members (Director, Jeffrey Holdeman; Assistant Director, Vera Marinova; Office Assistant, Andy Fak).

Hours: Approximately, 15-20 hours per week
Pay: The Graduate Assistant package includes: $15,750 Stipend, $2,721 Health Insurance, and a fee remission/tuition waiver

·         MA, ABD
·         Background or experience in student services, student affairs, service-learning, foreign cultural studies, volunteer management, service-corps, etc.
·         Proficiency in one or more foreign languages
·         Experience with international travel, study abroad, office work
·         Familiarity with IU structure, student services, IU resources, academic programs

Preferred Qualifications:
·         Strong organizational skills
·         Responsible and able to complete tasks in a timely manner
·         Personable and sociable, able to recruit others to events, give tours, and host visitors
·         Flexible schedule
·         Available to work during the summer; housing is NOT provided
·         Available to work in the late afternoons, evenings, and when events are held
·         Available to attend many GV events
·         Tech-savvy with computers and electronics; able to handle basic a/v equipment malfunctions
·         Dedicated to the GV, involved in activities, and committed to the mission

Job Duties:
·         Administrative: provide support to the Director and Assistant Director (projects, events, logistics, etc.)
·         Attend weekly staff meetings
·         Assist Assistant Director, Vera Marinova, with Books & Beyond organization and general tasks
·         Personal programing initiative: creating your own long-term programs, such as previous years’ Leadership Workshop Certification Series
·         General programing: work with academic and co-curricular centers; language microlesson series; other events
  • Assist GV residents to brainstorm, organize, advertise, and attend co-curricular and extra-curricular events
·         Compile yearly Programming Report {late spring semester}
·         NOMAD: gather articles from students, working with office assistant to format/edit and print each edition of the GV newsletter
·         Hold regular office hours, typically in evenings or on weekends when other office staff are not present
  • Attend training/development workshops: service-learning, civic engagement, community development, leadership training, etc.
  • Organize a variety of workshops: study abroad, internship, CV/resume, professional development, funding and scholarship, library resources, etc.
·         Organize service/volunteering events in Bloomington and elsewhere, (Alternative Spring Break, Griffy Lake Clean-Up, etc.,)
  • Model and encourage active community participation by attending meetings, proposing and implementing events, recruiting, marketing, and motivating others
  • Identify and outreach to new markets for recruiting
  • Review and update marketing materials
·         Run occasional errands: Kroger, Sam's, Best Buy, printing services, SOA
·         Other projects as needed

Application Materials:
·         Resume/CV
·         A 1,000 character essay describing why you are interested in this position and highlighting your qualifications, previous experiences, and professional strengths. 
·         All application materials must be submitted to Vera Marinova (vmarinov@indiana.edu) no later than Thursday, May 1, 2014, at 5:00 p.m.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Cohort Finalized

Please join us in welcoming our brilliant and talented new cohort of graduate students:

Jesse Balzer
Iris Bull
Blake Hallinan
Katie Johnson
Saul Kutnicki
Jon Lisi
Linsey Pullum
Lora Smith
Alyssa Waddill

Welcome aboard!

Monday, April 14, 2014

CFP: C-SPAN Education Foundation

Call for Papers and Announcement of Research Grants
from the C-SPAN Education Foundation

The C-SPAN Archives and Purdue University will award grants of $2,500 each for ten papers using the C-SPAN Video Library to be presented at a conference held at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, November 16-18, 2014. The conference will take place just before the 100th anniversary meeting of the National Communication Association meeting in Chicago so that comunication scholars can attend both meetings. However, the call for papers is open to political science, communication, history, information sciences, and other social science scholars.

Papers must utilize the C-SPAN Video Library (www.c-span.org) to analyze C-SPAN video or data derrived from the C-SPAN video. Scholars selected for the awards must be able to make copies of their papers available to other conference participants prior to the conference and attend the conference to present their results and interact with the other participants. The conference will pay for all meals, but selected participants will be responsible for their own travel and lodging. Modest priced rooms are available in the Purdue Memorial Union.

The conference will be open to other registrants who wish to attend. It will convene in the evening of Sunday November 16, continue Monday, November 17 with presentations, a tour of the C-SPAN Archives, and an evening dinner with a keynote speaker. The conference will conclude by 2:00 PM on Tuesday to allow participants to either travel to Chicago or catch planes in Indianapolis to return home.

Researchers seeking to apply for these grants made possible from the C-SPAN Education Foundation should submit a brief vita and a brief proposal in which they outline the proposed research, how it will utilize the C-SPAN Video Library, and how this research advances knowledge of a research question in their field.

A committee of faculty from the Brian Lamb School of Communication and the Department of Political Science will review the proposals. Proposals should be submitted by May 15, 2014 and decisions will be made by the end of May to ensure participants time to work on the research.

All papers should acknowledge that funding was made possible in part by the C-SPAN Education Foundation.

Proposals and any questions should be submitted electronically to Professor Robert X Browning, Brian Lamb School of Communication and the Department of Political Science (rxb@purdue.edu) .


Speakers: Daphna Yeshua-Katz and Teresa Lynch
Friday, April 18 
Room: RTV 226
Talks begin at 12:30 pm

Light refreshments served starting at 12:15 pm
Everyone is invited to this Friday’s session of the Media Arts & Sciences Speaker Series, featuring Daphna Yeshua-Katz and Teresa Lynch. Light refreshments will be served at 12:15 pm. Our speakers will commence at  12:30 pm. The session will wrap at
1:45 pm. Please
forward this announcement to colleagues and students who may be interested. Looking forward to seeing everyone in RTV 226.


Title: A Study of the Pro-anorexia Community

Abstract: Media scholars often employ concepts from Goffman’s dramaturgical approach to study online communities of stigmatized individuals as “backstage” and refuge from social disapproval. The goal of this presentation is to extend this view through an examination of conversations with pro-ana bloggers, an online community for people with eating disorders. This analysis takes on the challenge of fusing Goffman’s ideas about identity performance and stigma with more recent theories about boundary maintenance, in finding out how the pro-ana community uses an online environment that is both anonymous and public. In-depth interviews with pro-ana members reveal that in order to protect this virtual group and resist the stigma associated with their illness and with their online presence, they construct their own norms and rules in the online realm.


Title: Nothing to fear? An analysis of frightening video game experiences

Abstract: A survey of 269 college-aged individuals was conducted to examine reports of fright experiences caused by video games. The results of the study reveal that, similar to other media, video games can indeed evoke fear experiences with over half of the participants reporting game-induced fear. Sex, sensation seeking, and empathy all emerged as important individual differences in fright experience in terms of enjoyment of frightening content, consumption of frightening content, and frequency of fright experience. Participants identified interactivity as a significant contributor to fear.
Presentations of realism in terms of both graphical integrity and real world potentiality evoked fear. This study provides the first identification of game titles, stimuli, and features specific to this medium that affect the fright experience.